Jack-In Pile

A revolutionary type of piling system involving the use of hydraulic pressure to install precast reinforced concrete piles into soil strata. It is also environmentally friendly due to its lack of noise and exhaust produced during the pile installation. The installation process is easy and one of the fastest to use. Coupled with its low cost, the Grip Jack-In-Piling system is versatile in its usage especially in residential areas, given its track record in construction projects involving terrace houses, bungalows and condominiums. Grip Jack-In-Piling is your answer to quick, easy and economical pile installation for your construction needs.

Project Reference

  • Piling foundation works at Meadows & Peirce condominium, Tagore Ave
  • Piling foundation works at Greenwood Mews cluster terrace houses, Greenwood Avenue.
  • Piling foundation works for the new sports hall at Saint Joseph’s Institution International
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