ABV Engineering Pte Ltd

ABV, known as Armerad Betong Vagforbattringar, was established in 1983 as a Swedish-based organization with partial local ownership. Its mainstay was in piling and foundation work with heavy input from Swedish construction technology. It had the distinction of being one of the first companies in Singapore to use indoor piling machines that were set to revolutionize piling foundation techniques in the construction industry.

Since then, the company has undergone a change in ownership and has diversified its activities. In 1993, its local partners bought over the company and retained the name to preserve its goodwill and reputation for excellence. In an effort to better meet the growing needs of its clients, ABV has ventured into further specializations. It has done this by setting up three sister organizations.

ABV Systems Pte Ltd (micro piling & concrete repair), ABV Technology Pte Ltd (soil investigation & instrumentation) and LAB Services Pte Ltd (geotechnical & mechanical material testing).

Through the years, in the process of executing our specialized works, clients, owners, consulting engineers and contractors have been requesting frequently to include our service package with other services to cater to their general needs.

Through innovations, technical excellence, teamwork, integrity and customer satisfaction, we are committed to always giving our clients our best service.

We are also poised to expand and diversify into the next stage of development, by introducing new services and products. In this way, we hope to contribute to the growth, while keeping up with the standard requirements of the Operation, Health, Safety and the sophistication of the construction industry in Singapore.

This will be the very foundation on which our client’s trust and confidence will be built.