ABV, known as Armerad Betong Vagforbattringar, began 30 years ago as a Swedish based organization with partial local ownership. It’s mainstay was in piling and foundation work with a heavy input of Swedish construction technology. It had the distinction of being one of the first companies in Singapore to use indoor piling machines that was set to revolutionize piling foundation techniques in the construction industry.

Since then the company has undergone a change in ownership and has diversified its activities. In 1993, its loal partners bought over the company and retained the name to preserve its goodwill and reputation for excellence.

In an effort to better meet the growing needs of its clients, ABV has ventured into specializations. It has done this by setting up two sister organizations, ABV Systems Pte Ltd and ABV Technology Pte Ltd.

ABV Systems Pte Ltd specializes in structural foundation piling / underpinning works and repair / strengthening for structures, using the latest innovation and technology to provide customized services for its clients. Since inception, It has conducted over a thousand projects using the patented driven micropile system involving shophouses, conservations projects and other various types of structures nationwide.

ABV Systems Pte Ltd expanded and began carrying out bored micropiling works in the 1990s. Continuing its tradition of providing innovative techniques, the jack-in-piling system was introduced in the 2000s to further enhance ABV’s prowess as a premier construction company in foundation piling projects.

ABV Technology Pte Ltd specializes on foundation testing, and began with PDA (Pile Dynamic Analyzer) testing. It has since incorporated geotechnical instrumentation and soil investigation services for its various clients.

These specializations have enabled ABV to focus on improving organizational development as well as embark on various research and development ventures to create new products and services.